Thursday, 8 December 2011

Today we did a walking tour of Dunns Falls and Coyaba Gardens. We didn’t do the climb of Dunns Falls, perhaps next time, we will be coming back. Next time we will be in decent condition to walk up! Those that did seemed to have a great time; we had a great time laughing at them falling over.
The gardens were very nice and we had a great view of Ocho Rios so we had some nice snaps from the camera.

Everyone was very friendly, but of course that is so they can sell you stuff from their market stand, we nearly missed the coach because of them. The weather was stupidly hot, we had a couple of drinks on the back of the boat while chatting to the barman but had to make our excuses and leave. So we went inside to a nice air conditioned bar and chatted to another barman from India. Wonder if he knows anyone I work with....

As I said we will be coming back here for a holiday, a day is not long enough to adjust to the irie no problem culture. From one days experience I think I could live here. Yes, over Bonnaire.


  1. This is much more positive than your previous blog, you must be enjoying it. X

  2. Told you so!! I'd go back tomorrow, loved it.