Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Swimming with the fishes today! Including those creepy fecking jelly fish, but not the dangerous sort.

Early tour so on our way at 8:45, at Paradise Reef at 9 and straight in the water. Which was damn cool. We had 45 minutes in the water which in reality was about 25 after everyone had finally got in, a slow process. Apart from the bloke who brought his own kit and was straight in there with his underwater camera. But, we have one of those! A Kodak Playsport and it failed. Failed BADLY. God damn it.

I shot about 16 minutes of continuous footage thinking it would look great. 1080p resolution, it was going to be brilliant! I pressed the stop button and made out the timer had stopped, all good. Then held down the power button and thought it had switched off. Once back on the boat I pulled it out of my pocket to see it was still on. Held power button again, nothing. Oh dear. Battery out and in and back up and running but video file corrupt. Bugger. Copied it to laptop so will see if it is retrievable back home.

We then sailed to one of Antiguas 365 beaches. During this part the Chavs on Tour group came into their own with the rum punch. Fag dimps over the side that the fish tried to eat, complete scummers in my opinion.

The beach was beautiful, sandy, quiet, clear seas, Blackpool it was not. Back on the boat and more rum punch to sail back to port. CoT came into their own again dancing on side of boat, captain had to tell them 3 or 4 times to stop, should have let them fall over board and feck em!

Back on shore we did some shopping in the market, more tat yay, then headed back to boat just in time. 5 minutes after we got back on board the heavens opened. A lot. For quite a while. All in all a cracking day, ignoring the CoT!

Sat typing this on balcony, so so quiet. Some photos from boat below.

You probably can't see it but this was very very heavy rain

Caribbean Princess leaving just before us

And she is off

And so are we :(

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