Tuesday, 13 December 2011

St Maartin

Cracking tour. Coach ride in middle of island from the Dutch side to the French side, then onto the French capital Marigot for some shopping then back on the coach for a ride on a boat around the Laguna. This included beer and rum punch. Which was free. Yes, you can guess where this was going.

An hour later, everyone drunk we had sailed around the Laguna looking into all the rich people’s houses with our guide saying they ranged from $6000 to $50,000 each. To rent. For a week.
Got some cracking photos of them, I really like the smaller ones with their own private garden leading to the Laguna with a speed boat at the end. No point getting into the car to go to the shops on the other side, just hop in the speed boat! It is a very nice place.

When we win the lottery (I do hope Leighton has been putting the ticket on...) we have decided to spend a month on each island to see which one we prefer to live on. Although internet speeds may be a factor....here you can have 2mb for $50 or 4mb for $85. The 4mb is faster than my current Sky connection but admittedly a tad more expensive.
Antigua today!

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