Sunday, 4 December 2011

A looooong day (03/12)

Up at 5am, airport for 6:30, flight for 9 hours. At least the plane was really comfy so you didn't get aching back or legs...oh wait...
The pilot also seemed to get his timings wrong so we worked it out (and the guy next to us) that we had about 40mins left, no, 1 hour 40 mins!

Once we landed we had a 45 minute drive from airport to port and in one quite random scene the traffic stopped as a truck with massive speakers drove past blasting out Caribbean tunes with about 50 people walking behind it dancing, you don’t see that in Manchester. Once we arrived we had to check in using ‘Shed 3’. This is basically just a big concrete building which made you feel like a turkey being roasted in the oven on Christmas Day. It must have been bad as the women in front was crying and having cross words  with what we think is her husband to be. We think perhaps the trip has not gone smoothly so far for them.

After the roasting we got on board, straight to the room as we know where we are going (well Shell does), dumped bags, to the bar and caught about 50 seconds of the match. Still we won, which was nice. We then proceeded to get drunk very quickly, do muster, have another drink then have some grub, back to the room to finish unpacking and then crashed at 10pm.

10pm Caribbean time, 2am UK time. Like I said a long day.

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