Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Curacao day

Did a semi sub tour which consisted of a boat with a glass hull, you all filed downstairs to sit 5 foot under water two astride and then sailed over the coral which was pretty good. Then one of the tour guys dived in to feed the fish so we had hundreds swimming past the glass. Got some video and pictures, pictures are quite blurred but the video seemed to turn out ok.

Then we went onto the Curacao liqueur factory and bought a small sample which will no doubt be consumed over the next week or so. While at the factory a woman I can best describe as Tubbs from League of Gentleman slipped and fell, yelled for a bit, hobbled back to coach, cried for a bit then manned up and went shopping after we were dropped off.

Too damn hot and very humid, got back on boat had some lunch and sat at back in the sun, then moved to shade, then moved indoors!! We did a Name that Tune quiz and then Fulham v Liverpool came on unexpected which was nice. I reckon there were about 150 people sat inside watching the match rather than being outside in 30c temperatures, good lads. And some women too!!

Half cut it was shower time then out for another great meal and some wine followed by bed. To sleep. You disgust me.

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