Friday, 16 December 2011


A cool trip but well, it’s all a bit depressing really.

The trip was excellent, a boat ride along the cost before getting in and swimming literally with the turtles. They were weaving in and a around us, they have tough heads as plenty of people kicked them, accidentally of course, we hope. Also saw a stingray and the tour guys managed to lure it near the surface so at least we got a decent look at one, not as good as Grand Turk would have been but better than nothing. All very crowded again which is no good where Shell is concerned! She kicked one in the head as well. And those people who feel its ok to dive under when in a group of 30 people, it really isn’t. Its fecking annoying when you kick us and then surface in our face. Knobs.

Packing now. Depressed. Hmpf.

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