Thursday, 15 December 2011


More swimming with the fishes today. But not until 2 in the afternoon so lazed around for a while, mooched onshore and did some more tat shopping in the market, but jove these islands have lots of tat!! Then back on board for a bit chilling reading on balcony.

So strange that on the port side of the ship that was actually facing the port it was so noisy, people bustling, cars beeping music playing. And on our side nothing, silence. Mainly because next door were not it!

We set off for the tour and got straight in the water once the boat stopped, a lot faster than the one before. This one was kind of guided, we got split into groups and followed a guide each, he tried to shout and point to the interesting fish. This time the Playsport worked! I made sure by stopping each video after 5 or so minutes and checking they saved, so we have about 9 videos. I look forward to boring people with them. Some of the time it was jerky as there were simply too many people doing it, we all get crashing into each other. Perhaps some careful editing will make it look more professional. We snorkelled near one of the vents from a volcano 1 mile inland (with Dominca being a volcanic island natch) so the sea was cool then hot alternately. And the gases escaping from the vent gave the reef its name, Champagne, because you guessed it, bubbles! Lots of them in one area, I think I captured it quite well on video. Of course we were told it doesn’t taste like champagne so don’t drink it. For me this was better snorkelling than the one before as it was much clearer and calmer. And no jellyfish!

Then it was back on board just before the heavens opened again. It does like to surprise you around here! Photos from top deck:

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