Thursday, 15 December 2011

St Lucia

Off early, onto another boar for some Dolphin and Whale watching. And boy did we do some watching. Many a picture and video taken, hopefully they will do it justice. Spent most of the time on the front of the boat, it was hard work not to fall over! Once we had our fill we headed to a nice bay of holiday homes and yachts, very nice indeed. Then back to the boat, after a few rum punches of course. So back on land at 12 already half cut, did some shopping and then to the bars dotted around the port.

Incidentally I think I’m beginning to detest people who smoke. On the boat we were looking at the dolphins and two people were smoking, they just threw their fag ends in the sea and then let their empty packet blow in as well. They disgust me.

Two local beers (Piton) for $3 and at 5% it was good stuff. Honestly, I lost count how many I had, it was quite a few, then after abusing the free port side wifi we staggered back on board for food. Then back to room where Michelle fell asleep and I watched as we set sail.

Barbados tomorrow and a snorkel with the turtles and of course more fish.

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