Sunday, 11 December 2011

Grand Turk - not

Not bothered with an update for a bit because frankly I can’t be bothered! We were supposed to go to Grand Turk yesterday but as you may have seen from the tweets that did not happen. Apparently the wind speed was outside the safety envelope for Ventura to dock. Bull! This world is far too safe these days, in the old days I bet they would have docked! Captain needs to grow a pair. We made three attempts but each time we got close the ship turned and pulled away.

After the second attempt all early morning tours were cancelled, ours narrowly surviving, but we knew deep down it wasn’t going to be. Whilst we waited for the third attempt we watched the footy (United) in the bar while we waited, amazingly I did not have a beer during the game, mainly because it was 10am. During the second half we made the third attempt and most people started staring out the window to see if we were going to make it, just as everyone got their hopes up we turned and pulled away. Captain then announced that it was cancelled and we would slowly make our way to the next destination. Gutted.

No snorkelling with the fishes and playing with Stingrays for us.

And now we have another sea day as we meander to St Maartin. I would have put the ship to the max so we could get there today perhaps and spend a day and bit on land. Ah well.

One good and bad thing is that all the formal nights will be over tonight, each one has been during a sea day and that means the remainder of the holiday are a shore days so no more wearing a shirt that feels like it is strangling me and making sure I don’t spill food on it.
Still quite a few people who don’t bother to make the effort, throw them overboard I say. When little kids are walking around dressed up you boring adults damn well should make the effort as well.

So far no old ladies sucking pizzas or burgers.

And I won’t be replying to any tweets I make as they are being done by text so I won’t see them.

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